Focus Forward’s first team adventure of the year took place at Expedition Escape. Four teams, chosen at random, participated in an escape room challenge that required them to think outside the box and use creative thought to solve puzzles and “escape” the room. Communication and teamwork were on point as all four teams unlocked the key in under the one hour time limit.

Congratulations to Team “Quest for the Throne”, who bested corrupt castle guards to reclaim the throne and escape undetected in 55:16 minutes. Way to go Cheyenne Wigley, Mark Mundy, Doug Myers, Alan Gresov, Matt Devine and Doug Smith!

Team “Bank Heist” was not far behind, outwitting the security system and escaping before law enforcement arrived in 56:35 minutes.

Tracking down their inheritance that was carefully hidden in “Aunt Edna’s Condo”, this team made their way through tricks and traps in 58:14 minutes.

Finally, Team “Baker Street Mystery” found themselves in Victorian London, hunting down the high-profile Baker Street Five gang in 58:24 minutes.

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