holiday bash

This year’s annual Holiday Party was in full swing on Friday, December 12th at the Landmark Americana, right down the road from our office in Wayne. What a great way to celebrate 2014!!

The Focus Forward team and their guests spent the night enjoying appetizers, a sushi bar, a dinner buffet, and a decadent candy buffet! The DJ kept the dance floor alive all night. The night ended with a raffle to win lots of prizes. Drum roll please……

Croc Cafe Lunch – Krystina, Ian, Valerie and Doug.

Paid Time Off – Mark M. & Kathleen C.

$50 Cash – Meghan S. & Cathy M.

$100 Cash – Mechele A & Marissa

$150 Cash – Chris G

$250 Cash – Tom G.

Starbuck Gift Pack – Rachel G.

Outback Gift Card – Monica M.

Michael Kors Evening Bag – Rohina I.

Google Chrome Laptop – Chris B.

Thanks for all of our employees for another great year. Here’s to an amazing 2015!

img_0171 (2)img_0087 (2)img_0036 (2)img_0215 (2)

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