Erika Fitzgerald, of Focus Forward’s accounting department, participated in the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday, November 17th, 2013. She is an avid runner, but also dedicates the run to her father:

“I ran the marathon in memory of my dad, whom I lost to prostate cancer in May of 2012.  My whole life my dad always told me to set goals in my life and there is no greater sense of accomplishment than when you achieve your goals.  I dedicated the goal of running a marathon to him and it was the greatest feeling to cross that finish line.  My dad and I always shared a passion for exercise, especially running.  I remember our last walk we took together.  I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son and the cancer was starting to spread to my dad’s bones.  We both were not in the best shape but knew what a special moment it was for us and probably the last time we would exercise together.  Below is the picture of us before our last walk.  My mom took it before we left!”



“The crazy thing is I want to do another marathon!”



We are so very proud of Erika for completing the marathon. Thanks for sharing this special story with us!


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