• Q. What is your job title?  
  • A. Business Development Manager
  • Q. What is your function?   
  • A. Manage and develop client relations across all departments
  • Q. When did you join Focus Forward?
  • A. May, 2010
  • Q. What do you like best about working for Focus Forward?
  • A. I really like being part of a growing company that continues to exceed its expectations.
  • Q. Tell us a little about where you grew up, are you a Philadelpia Native?
  • A. I was born in Montgomeryville, the suburbs of Philadelphia, and still live there now.
  • Q. What is a unique or fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know? 
  • A. I was homecoming queen in high school, it was a huge honor since my class had about 1200 kids.
  • Q. What are your hobbies?
  • A. You can usually find me working out (I’m a huge gym buff), going out for sushi, hanging out with friends & family, or watching Dexter!
  • Q. Tell us about a movie you have enjoyed.
  • A. Anything with Jim Carey is my favorite.
  • Q. Who is your favorite childhood character?
  • A. I’m slightly obsessed with cookie monster. Nom, nom, nom…


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