Focus Forward celebrated a successful close to 2011 by coming together for our annual holiday party earlier this month. This year’s festivities took place at MaGerks Pub & Grill in Fort Washington with exceptional food (cheesesteak eggrolls!), live music, and a little bit of dancing to get everyone in the spirit of the season.

The holiday party was a fun occasion to mingle with coworkers outside of the office, to meet spouses and significant others, to get dressed up, and to share a few laughs. “It’s refreshing to go out and let loose and bond on a more personal level with people,” said Rohina Iqbal, Project Director in Transcription Services. The carnival style photo booth, equipped with silly props, was a highlight of the party. Teammates from all three of our departments – Panel Direct, Qualitative Recruiting, and Transcription Services – gathered to have their pictures taken to commemorate a great evening.

Another favorite feature of the bash was the office-wide Pollyanna in which gift givers remained secret in the preceding weeks and revealed themselves through the course of the night. Business Development Manager Tim Donahue enjoyed partaking in the gift exchange. “It was a nice new way to get to know our coworkers, and it was great to see everyone join in.”

A chocolate fountain and candy buffet sweetened up the event as excitement mounted for the much-anticipated raffle that closed the night. Kim Harrison, Focus Forward’s CEO, spoke a few words before announcing the raffle prizes which included gift cards, baskets, paid time off, and a grand prize of Eagles football tickets.

Reflecting on the new additions to the Focus Forward team and our accomplishments of 2011, it was an excellent chance to relax among friends and to prepare for an even better New Year.

Looking forward to an exciting and successful year in 2012!

By Stephanie Lawrence

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