The 24th Annual Susan G. Komen Race


This Mother’s Day, FOCUS FORWARD PARTICIPATES IN THE SUSAN G. KOMEN RACE: We welcome all to “Embrace the Honor and Empower the Promise” to end breast CANCER!

The festivities take place at Eakins Oval at the Philadelphia Art Museum. For the past 20 years, the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure has been more than a simply 5K Walk and 5K Run it is a Mother’s Day tradition, with families, co-workers and best friends of all ages gathering together in the movement to fight breast cancer.

All employees, family and friends are welcome to join! For more information, email

NYC’s ARF Conference!


Look who Focus Forward’s Business Development Manager, Matt Heckathorn, ran into while visiting NYC for the ARF RETHINK 2014 Conference? Maybe Robin Thicke needs his songs transcribed?!

Thirsty Thursday’s


 The last Thursday of every other month, Focus Forward celebrates your hard work! These happy hours are a great way to unwind and get to know your colleagues.

And just to give you a taste of what Thirsty Thursday’s look like we’ve come up with fun activities to get you excited about coming out!

February’s Thirsty Thursday was hosted by Ali Dervin and Sara Sahaida, in our qualitative department. Here is a sampling from the trivia:

Q. What color can a bee not see?                     


Q. What company’s slogan is “American by birth, Rebel by choice?”        

A. Harley Davidson

Q. What is the crescent shaped area the base of you nail bed?

A. Lunul

Think you have what it takes to win? Take on your colleagues at the Thirsty Thursday in April, hosted by our sales team! If you’d like to champion a month, email


Employee Spotlight – Alexandra Dervin


Q.  Job Title

Qualitative Project Director

Q.  Please provide a brief job description

I oversee all of the qualitative department to ensure everything is on track or to help out if any issues do arise.

Q.  When did you join Focus Forward?

January 2013

Q.  What do you like best about working at Focus Forward?

I really enjoy the people here. They make work feel less like work. The dress code is also wonderful!

Q.  Tell us a little about where you grew up. Are you a Philadelphia native?

Nope! I grew up in Dallas, PA. It’s near Scranton for all the Office fans.

Q.  What is your favorite Philadelphia area/activity?

Eating. No matter where I end up, there’s always good food nearby. Recommendations are always welcome!

Q.  Tell us about your favorite travel destination.

I went to St. Maarten last year and I’m more than ready to go back. A break from all of these lovely snow storms sounds great right now.

Q.  Do you have any pets?

I have an Irish Setter named Murphy at home who I love to visit. He’s the biggest lap dog I know.

Q.  What was your first car?

A black Jeep Liberty. I loved that girl. We’ve been through a lot together. This past year we had to part though. She no longer had it in her to drive through ANY sort of element.

PMRG Confrence 2014


Meet our team at this year’s PMRG Conference,

March 9th – 11th in Orlando, FL

Meghan Surdenas and Matt Heckathorn will be attending this year.

They’ll be at booth 63 waiting to say hello.

We’ll see you in Orlando! | |

Annual Holiday Party

The chocolate fountain was flowing, the drinks were pouring, and our employees were dancing!

This year’s annual Holiday Party was in full swing on Friday, December 13th at the Landmark Americana, right down the road from our office in Wayne.

The Focus Forward family and their guests spent the night enjoying appetizers, a dinner buffet, the decadent candy buffet (for anyone that still had room!), and a DJ that kept the atmosphere alive all night.

The night ended with quite a bang as over twenty gifts, including PTO hours, gift certificates to local restaurants, Coach purses, and even cash, were raffled off to members of the Focus Forward team.

Though winning a Coach purse for your wife, or binging on sushi and guacamole, or even receiving a top notch present for your secret gift exchange were all signs of a magical evening, it was the members of the Focus Forward team that made the night truly special.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Philly Marathon 2013

Erika Fitzgerald, of Focus Forward’s accounting department, participated in the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday, November 17th, 2013. She is an avid runner, but also dedicates the run to her father:

“I ran the marathon in memory of my dad, whom I lost to prostate cancer in May of 2012.  My whole life my dad always told me to set goals in my life and there is no greater sense of accomplishment than when you achieve your goals.  I dedicated the goal of running a marathon to him and it was the greatest feeling to cross that finish line.  My dad and I always shared a passion for exercise, especially running.  I remember our last walk we took together.  I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son and the cancer was starting to spread to my dad’s bones.  We both were not in the best shape but knew what a special moment it was for us and probably the last time we would exercise together.  Below is the picture of us before our last walk.  My mom took it before we left!”



“The crazy thing is I want to do another marathon!”



We are so very proud of Erika for completing the marathon. Thanks for sharing this special story with us!


Focus Forward, LLC Announces Appointment of Dave Pataki


Focus Forward, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Pataki to Vice President of Focus Forward Transcription. Dave brings with him over twenty years of marketing and operations experience in consumer packaged goods, consultancy and healthcare industries. He most recently served as Vice President of Operations for Adlfow Health Networks and is the founder of Business Solution Advisors.



Employee Spotlight – Lisa Albright


Employee Spotlight – Lisa Albright

Q.  Job Title
Project Manager, Transcription Division

Q.  Please provide a brief job description:
I manage transcription projects which entails handling client correspondence, processing audio files, managing assignments to transcribers, and ensuring quality transcripts reach the clients within tight deadlines.

Q.  When did you join Focus Forward?
November 2012

Q.  What do you like best about working at Focus Forward?
I love working for a small company. I feel like an important part of the team, and like I make a valuable contribution. I’ve been lucky in that the people on our team are great to work with. They make me look forward to going to work in the morning.

Q.  Tell us a little about where you grew up.  Are you a Philadelphia native?
I grew up in Dillsburg, a small town south of Harrisburg, PA. It is a somewhat suburban, but mostly rural area in the heart of what some people like to call “Pennsyltucky”.

Q.  What is a unique or fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know?
I come from a family of beekeepers. It’s been the family hobby/business for generations. I used to go out to the hives with my dad until I got stung one too many times. Now my dad and brother do all the beekeeping. We sell the honey, and make candles/Christmas tree ornaments out of the wax. We also used to enter our honey in the Farm Show in Harrisburg every year, and almost always won a ribbon.

Q.  What are your hobbies?
I love to learn new languages. I speak Spanish, French, and a little bit of Italian. I used to be a Spanish/English translator for a school district, and I went to graduate school in Paris so I could learn French. If I ever find the time, I really want to start studying a non-Latin based language, maybe Arabic.

I’m also an avid poker player. My game is Texas hold ‘em, and I prefer to play in bar tournaments or friends’ houses over the casino. I’m not a high stakes kind of gal. I’m in it for the game!

Q.  What was your first car?
’94 Pontiac Grand Prix – I loved that car, it was indestructible. I once rear-ended a station wagon which crumbled up like tin foil and my car barely had a scratch on it!

CRC Dallas!


Meet our crew at this year’s Market Research Association Corporate Researchers Conference which runs from October 16th through the 18th in Dallas, Texas.

Meghan Surdenas and Kelsey Olpere will be attending this year .

They’ll be at booth 308 waiting to say hello!

Check out the link below for more details on the conference.

It looks like they have some great presentations lined up!

We’ll see you in Dallas!